Implementing Self Directed Support


Date: Monday 9th October 2017


Venue: Brodies LLP, Atholl Crescent, Edinburgh


Cost to attend : £99 + VAT Public & Private Sector: £89 + VAT 3rd sector & Charitable Organisations


Speakers:Lorraine Gillies, Senior Manager (PABV)Audit Scotland; William Wright, SDS Manager, Penumbra & a speaker from SDS Team at East Ayrshire Council


This ½ day workshop will look in depth at the issues which come out of Audit Scotland’s review of SDS, due to be published at the end of August, and will be of particular interest to SDS and social work practitioners, service managers and policy development staff, as well as legal and professional advisers in social care, regulatory bodies, independent and voluntary providers.

Audit Scotland have been examining whether councils, integration authorities and the Scottish Government are making sufficient progress in the implementation of SDS and this workshop will consider -:

  • What does SDS look like in practice around Scotland and is it providing the kind of person centred, outcome focused and flexible support intended in the legislation?
  • Are the assessment and planning processes and commissioning practices being applied by authorities, transparent and consistent with national SDS policy?
  • What practices could be adopted to improve the processes and the choice and control that authorities can offer people who need support and their carers?


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Safeguarding Adults with Incapacity and the role of the Office of the Public Guardian                                                                                                                                                              

Perth: Wed. 8th November & Kilmarnock: Wed.15th November 2017


Register to attend both seminars: £185 + VAT Public & Private Sector; £165 + VAT 3rd sector & Charitable Organisations

Attendance at one seminar either AM or PM £99 + VAT Public & Private Sector; £89 + VAT 3rd Sector & Charitable Organisations

The morning seminar will focus on the general principles of supporting adults with incapacity including -: The role of the OPG – What is capacity – Power of Attorney: what is it and why make one? Myths and common issues – Orders; guardianship or intervention order, which one? Financial guardian’s duties, common issues, latest update on guardianship – Investigation remit; summary of the remit, when to refer to OPG.  Each presentation will include time for questions and discussion to ensure delegates fully understand this complex area.


The afternoon seminar will focus specifically on financial abuse and the OPG Investigation Service including -: How to recognise abuse and how to report it – When can OPG investigate – Investigation process including safeguards and investigation outcomes and will include practical group work with case studies.

Each seminar will offer 3 hours verifiable CPD

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‘Strengthening Community Engagement – How might the Community Empowerment Act improve delivering local services?’

Date: Friday 13th October (9.30am – 12.30pm)

Venue: BRODIES LLP, 110, Queen Street, GLASGOW, G1 3BX

Cost to attend : £99 + VAT Public & Private Sector: £89 + VAT 3rd sector & Charitable Organisations

Speakers:  Lorraine Gillies, Senior Manager (PABV), Audit Scotland; Fiona Garven, Director, Scottish Community Development Centre; Jackie McGuire, Partner, Planning & Environment, Brodies LLP & Gwenn McCreath, Chief Executive, Health-in-Mind

The Community Empowerment Act was introduced in 2015 to help empower community bodies through the ownership or control of land and buildings, and by strengthening their voices in decisions about public services.

At its core is the principle and process of Community Planning where public agencies work together and with their communities to plan and deliver better services with the aim of making a real difference to people’s lives.

This ½ day seminar will consider how prepared public authorities are for responding to community participation requests following the introduction of part 3 of the Act in April 2017 and what more needs to be done to help local communities to plan and deliver better services and supportive communities and their environments.